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  • Nursery Stay and Play Session

    Mon 20 Mar 2023

    Dear Parents,


    The Nursery would like to invite you in for a stay and play session on Monday 27th March 2023.  This session will start at 8.30am and finish at 9.30am. Here we would like to see you engage, communicate and interact with the activities.   We look forward to seeing you at our stay and play session.


    We are kindly asking for small donations to help towards nursery resources.


    The nursery team and I would like to wish you a happy Easter break and remind you there will be no nursery on Friday 31st March 2023.


    Yours sincerely


    Miss Hatton and the Nursery Team

  • IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR YEAR 2 PARENTS/CARERS - World Culture Day on Thursday 29th September 2022

    Fri 16 Sep 2022

    Dear Parents / Carers,

     This half term Year 2 will be learning all about The Wonders of the World in our Humanities lessons. To celebrate our Topic, we will be celebrating by holding a World Culture Day on Thursday 29th September 2022.

     On this day pupils will take part in a range of activities to learn about cultural diversity and to discover and explore this topic. Pupils will take part in singing, dancing, creating exotic fruit kebabs and participate in discussions to help them discover the different cultures around the world. Children are also able to dress up in traditional clothing whether of their own culture or another culture if they wish to.

     Please let us know if your child has any additional allergies that you may not have previously stated.

      Yours sincerely

     The Year 2 team

  • Walking home policy and permission letter

    Mon 05 Sep 2022


    There are no laws around age or distance of walking to school. A families' guide to the law states:

    “There is no law prohibiting children from being out on their own at any age. It is a matter of judgement for parents to decide when children can play out on their own, walk to the shops or school."

    Parents are legally obliged to ensure their children get to school safely and on time and attend regularly, but this in itself does not disallow independent travel. However as a school we are responsible for the welfare of our pupils and therefore have to consider what we believe is good practice in ensuring the safety of our pupils. We also have an obligation to alert relevant authorities should we believe a child’s welfare is at risk.


    Pupils in Foundation Stage or KS1, Year 3, Year 4

    Our agreed school policy is that no pupil in Early Years Foundation Stage or Key Stage 1 or Years 3 & 4 should walk to or from school on their own or be left on their own on the school premises either before or after school. In addition we will only hand over pupils to named adults or older siblings provided they are 16 years old or above. Pupils will not be handed over to other adults unless the school has been informed by the parent that they have made this arrangement. We also ask that you keep us informed of any changes in arrangements, preferably by letter. If no one turns up to collect a child in these year groups they will be kept in school and parents contacted. We will not allow older brothers or sisters in school to collect younger siblings.

    The Nursery has its own collection arrangements which are shared with parents.

    Pupils in KS2 (Years 5 & Year 6)

    There is no set age when children are ready to walk to school or home on their own. It very much depends upon their maturity and confidence. Therefore as regards pupils in KS2 we believe that you as parents need to decide whether your child is ready for this responsibility. Parents/cares take full responsibility for their child/ren’s well-being and safety.

    In deciding whether your child is ready to walk to school you should assess any risks associated with the route and your child’s confidence. Work with your children to build up their independence while walking to school through route finding, road safety skills and general awareness.


    There are lots of ways you can prepare your child to make an independent journey. Children who are driven to school do not have the opportunity to develop road awareness and are therefore more vulnerable when they start to walk to school independently. Walking to school is a great opportunity to learn road safety skills. The best way to do this is to walk with your children from a young age, teaching them about crossing the road, learning how to navigate and a host of other skills. This helps them gain the experience and confidence to deal with traffic and way finding on their own, in preparation for walking with friends or alone when they are older.


    All children who walk home are advised to have a mobile phone that must be left at the front office in the mornings.  It will be kept in a locked cupboard during the day.  Mobile phones will be collected by Teacher / TA at the end of the day and returned to the child. Parents are advised to monitor their child/ren’s whereabouts using appropriate Apps for eg Life 360, Find My Kids, GPS phone tracker, etc.


    Teach your child to:


    • Pay attention to traffic at all times when crossing the street; never become distracted.
    • Always cross at the intersection where there are traffic lights; do not cross in the middle of the road. Alternatively cross in a place where you can see clearly in all directions. Avoid parked cards or bends in the road.
    • Look both ways before crossing; listen for traffic coming; cross while keeping an eye on traffic.
    • Look out for cyclists.
    • Remember that drivers may not see them, even if they can see the driver.
    • Remember that it is hard to judge the speed of a car so be cautious.
    • Never, ever, follow someone who is either a stranger or someone they know but is not a designated "safe" adult. (A safe adult is someone who has been previously agreed upon by you and your child to be safe, such as a grandparent or trusted neighbour). And if that person tries to convince him to go with him or tries to physically get close to him, then scream, "Help! This is not my dad!" or "Help! This is not my mum!" and run away. If they grab them, tell your child to kick, punch, and hit as hard as they can.
    • Learn their address and a telephone number: landline or mobile by heart.
    • Provide them with a laminated card with their address and a few contact details of relatives
    • Teach your child who is a trusted adult outside of the family / school (bus driver/ police officer etc.)


    When deciding whether your child is ready for this responsibility you might want to consider the following:

      1. Do you trust them to walk straight home?
      2. Do you trust them to behave sensibly when with a friend?
      3. Are they road safety aware?
      4. Would they know what to do if a stranger approaches them?
      5. Would they have the confidence to refuse to do what a stranger asked?
      6. Would they know the best action to take if a stranger tried to make them do something they didn’t want to do (scream, shout, kick,fight)?
      7. Would they know what to do if they needed help?
      8. Would they know who best to approach to get help?

    If you are not confident about how your child would react then you should seriously consider whether you should allow them to walk on their own.

    If you decide that your child is ready for this responsibility then you must inform the school by letter or by completing the slip below. Your child will be prevented from walking home unless this permission has been given in writing.

    Your child will also be responsible for their behaviour whilst on the school premises either before or after school. Should their behaviour not be acceptable you will be asked them to accompany or collect them until they have proved they can be trusted again.


  • Meet the teacher

    Mon 05 Sep 2022

    Dear Parent/Carer,


     We would like to invite parents and careers into school to meet their class teacher and learn more about their child’s curriculum. During the session parents will be invited into the classroom once drop off and register is complete. Teachers will then share with parents/carers and learners the expectations for the academic year including homework, uniform and learning. There will be time allocated during the session for questions but if you do have any further questions please schedule a time to meet with your child’s teacher after that.


    Year 2 & Year 5 Meet the Teacher session is on Tuesday 06th September 2022.

    • Time 9:00 am - 9:30 am or 3:30 pm to 4pm in your child's class

    Year 1 & Year 6 Meet the Teacher Session is on Wednesday 07th September 2022

    • Time 9:00 am - 9:30 am or 3:30 pm to 4pm in your child's class

    Year 3 & Year 4 Meet the Teacher Session is on Thursday 08th September 2022

    • Time 9:00 am - 9:30 am or 3:30 pm to 4pm in your child's class

    Yours Sincerely

    Mrs. Adams, Mrs.Golley, Ms Peerwani

    Vice Principals


  • Extreme Weather guidance

    Sat 16 Jul 2022


    Dear parents/carers,


    The Met Office has issued a red extreme heat warning for areas of England on Monday 18 July and Tuesday 19 July 2022. DFE are not advising schools or other settings to close. The advice from DFE is as follows:


    Individual leaders are responsible for managing their own local circumstances. This includes the use of ventilation, closing classrooms that are too hot, keeping children and young people hydrated, avoiding vigorous physical activity, encouraging children and young people to wear loose, light coloured clothing and sunhats with wide brims, to use sunscreen, and providing them with plenty of water.


    Here at Lake Farm Park Academy we are taking the following measures for all pupils and staff:

    • Children to wear PE kit for the week – white LFPA T-shirt, navy blue or black shorts, navy blue or black jogging bottoms and white or black trainers/plimsolls
    • Children must bring in sun hats, apply sun cream and bring in water bottles.
    • Teachers will monitor that all pupils are drinking water and refilling their water bottles regularly
    • No Physical PE lessons outside – in the hall only
    • Reduced playtime and lunchtime break outdoors with the water sprinkler in use as we have been doing during the last couple of days of hot weather
    • No extra-curricular sports clubs
    • Keep lighting off in classrooms and communal areas where it is safe to do so.
    • Awareness from all staff of any children experiencing any health difficulties relating to heat - regular monitoring of each class by welfare officer throughout the day.
    • Staff are encouraged to wear weather appropriate clothing and ensure they are hydrated.
    • We will ensure fans and air conditioned rooms are used all day to keep children cool on a rota basis
    • Temperatures in all classrooms will be monitored by the premises staff every hour

    For pupils with additional medical needs, the school nurse, community health practitioner, family health visitor or the child’s specialist health professional may be able to advice on the particular needs of the individual child (London Borough of Hillingdon advice).

    Finally I hope we can all work together to ‘weather’ these two days of extreme hot conditions to enable us to finish the 2021-22 academic year on a positive note before school closes for the summer holidays on Wednesday, 20th July at 2.30 pm.


    Thank you.


    Yours Sincerely,


    Ms. Buttar



  • Book your ticket now for the Circus at Lake Farm Park Academy on the 6th October 2022

    Fri 15 Jul 2022
  • Happy's Circus at Lake Farm Park on Thursday 6th October 2022

    Sat 25 Jun 2022

    To book tickets please click on the link below :



  • Year 1 Brighton Sea Life Centre and beach trip

    Thu 09 Jun 2022

    Dear Parents/Carers,


                         Year 1 Brighton Sea Life Centre and beach trip


    On Friday 15th July weather permitting Year 1 will be visiting the world’s oldest aquarium, Brighton Sea Life Centre and Brighton beach to commend the children on their hard work for this academic year.


    We will be travelling via coach leaving school at 08:30am. Classrooms will open from 8:00 am for the children to come in, and registered to ensure we leave promptly at 08:30am to avoid delays.


    We aim to arrive back at school by 3:45pm. Parents will be informed of any changes on the day via the school app and text message.


    The school takes the safety of all the children very seriously and will ensure that they are safe at all times. The staff have already undertaken a thorough Risk Assessment by visiting both places.


    A packed lunch, including drink, will be provided by the school kitchen for the trip, unless you indicate on the attached form that you will send one for your child from home. Please complete this form to indicate what choice of sandwich your child would prefer.


    If you have indicated pack lunch from home please ensure you provide your child with lunch on the day of the trip to avoid teachers having to pay for extra meals.


    Please fill out all the necessary forms and return by Friday 17th June 2022.



    Yours sincerely,



    Mrs Adams

    Vice Principal Key Stage 1







  • London Eye and Sea life Centre on Thursday 16th June 2022

    Thu 09 Jun 2022


    Dear Parents/Carers,                                                           

    On Thursday 16th June (weather permitting) Year 2 will be visiting London Eye and the Sea Life Centre. Children will need to be at school for 8.10am and ready to leave at 8.30am. Children will be required to arrive promptly to avoid any delays as we will be travelling via train.

    The children will leave London Eye and Sea life Centre and aim to return to school for 3:45pm. Parents will be informed of any changes on the day via the school app.

    On the day children will need:

    • A sun hat if the weather is sunny.
    • A waterproof jacket in case of rain.
    • To wear sensible footwear.
    • To be in full school uniform.
    • To bring a disposable water bottle.
    • To bring a disposable plastic bag labelled with the child’s name to carry their lunch in.
    • Hay fever tablets (if applicable) to be taken prior coming into school.
    • Inform the class teacher in advance if your child suffers from travel sickness.

    Yours Sincerely

    Ms H. Buttar



    Child’s name: _____________________________    Class: ____________






    Please tick if your child suffers from travel sickness

  • Year 6 Class photo and Group Photo

    Thu 09 Jun 2022

    Dear Parent/Carers of Year 6


    Please note your child/ren will be bringing home the proof card for both their class and the Year 6 group photo.  This will be a You will be able to order both the class and Year 6 group photo online using the Barcode and Passcode on the proof card.  The deadline for the orders is no later than Thursday 23rd June 2022 to avoid a late charges.


    Yours Sincerely

    Ms. H. Buttar