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Google Classroom important information 2021

Free Websites and Apps to support with Maths and Science


Parents can sign up for free on the STEM website for more ideas about Science home learning on this website.


The Maths Factor

Carlol Vordemans The Maths Factor  is now FREE for everyone to support childrens’ continued learning at home for the duration of the UK Schools closure period.


Sumdog - pupils in Years 3 to 6 have accounts and can access the free part of the website. Until the end of March 2020, access to the whole website is available  


Times Table Rockstars - pupils in Years 1 to 6 have accounts to access this site


Maths with Parents


Corbett Maths Video and Worksheets


BBC Bitesize  


National Numeracy  



Maths Zone  


Primary Resources  


My Mini Maths  - for Years 3-6


Maths is Fun  - good website for developing subject knowledge with quizzes available for each area of maths


Top Marks  


Maths Aids 


Dragon Box (Paid App)


Bee Bot App for Computing (Free App)



Cbeebies – Numberblocks


Explorify for Science


ICT Games – For Literacy and Maths


Prodigy Maths (Free App)

More Maths Resources

Online Resources


School subscription services that are providing guidance and resources to support working with children at home


Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy is a new collection of high-quality lessons and online resources. Backed by the Government, it has been created in response to the coronavirus lockdown.


BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize has started daily lessons online and TV programmes which can be viewed on iplayer and the red button.

Click here to view the Bitesize Daily TV Lesson Schedule

Click here to view the Online Learning Schedule


Brentford FC are pleased to launch their Premier League Primary Stars Online website section, focused on improving your child’s confidence and self-esteem in English and Maths.

The content includes videos, games, competitions, and a range of quizzes for your child to complete. All of the quizzes will be marked by a member of staff, with scores and feedback emailed back to you to share with your child.


Click here to register


Subscription service used by schools is offering  a free premium service for educators and children to use whilst schools are closed – enter the code UKTWINKLEHELPS




Classroom Secrets

Maths and reading home learning packages for schools to use due to school closures. Free access to the child version of site.




White Rose Maths
Maths home learning packages for schools to use due to school closures



Master the Curriculum
Maths home learning packages for schools to use due to school closures (KS1)


Primary Stars
Maths home learning packages for schools to use due to school closures (KS1)


Mrs Mactivity
Provide your email to be sent free activities and resources to support with home learning

How to use google classroom on the ipad

How to use Google Classroom on an iPad. You CAN use Google on an iPad - there's an app for that! You'll need to add a few steps but you can get your kids us...

How to login with Google Classroom on the XBox

Students/Parents How to Use Google Classroom on a Tablet

Please find some supportive guidance below on how to use Google classrooms using a range of devices.

   ️   ️   ️   ️   ️   ️   ️ Please find this page a very supportive tool to support with Google classroom

How to use Google Classroom on different devices- tablet, ipad, kindle, x-box/PlayStation - using a tablet - using an ipad using a kindle using a kindle - xbox/playstation