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Staff Details 2019-20

Senior Leadership Team
Dr. M. Young Chief Executive and Federation Principal
Ms. H. Buttar Principal & Designated Safeguarding Lead
Miss. A. Carlisle KS1 Vice Principal
Miss. K. Peerwani KS2 Vice Principal 
Miss. K. Whitehead KS2 Vice Principal (Maternity)

Mrs. H. O'Neill

SRP Vice Principal
Teaching Team
Mrs. M. Patel Nursery Manager
Mrs. F. Rafique (YTL Reception) Miss. L. Dale (Year 3)
Mrs. A. Kainth (Reception) Miss. N. Punia (YTL Year 4)
Miss. M. Virdy (Reception) Mrs. A. Miles (Year 4)
Mrs. F. Adams (YTL Year 1) Miss. M.C. L'Olive (Year 4)
Miss. L. Skipp (Year 1) Miss. A. Miles (Year 4)
Mrs. Blair (Year 1) Miss. S. McMenemy (YTL Year 5)
Miss. S. Verity (YTL Year 2) Miss. K. Peerwani (Year 5 )
Miss. A. Carlisle (Year 2) Mr. S. Prior (Year 5)
Miss. D. Hunter (Year 2) Mrs. S. Bhambra (PPA Cover/Intervention Teacher)
Miss. C. Man (YTL Year 3) Miss. K. Whitehead (Maternity)
Support Staff Team
Mrs. I. Bali (HLTA Nursery) Ms. F. Shahib (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. C. Bains (Nursery) Mrs. D. Iyow (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. J. Ellis (Nursery) Mrs. M. West (1:1 LSA)
Miss. E. Fonseca (Nursery) Miss. J. Pearce (1:1 LSA)
Ms. V. Snow (Nursery) Mrs. M. Kaur (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. H. Khan (HLTA SRP) Mrs. R. Ofosu (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. J. Owens (SRP) Mrs. A. Badhan (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. R. Saidia (SRP) Mrs. S. Khanom (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. C. Orriss (SRP) Mrs. S. Gaware (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. N. Bains (SRP) Mrs. L. Chan (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. B. Dumitru (Reception) Mrs. A. Ladva (1:1 LSA)
Miss. N. Baluch (Reception) Mrs. G. Soor (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. K. Gill (Reception) Mrs. S. Ahluwalia (1:1 LSA)
Miss. D. Isaac-Simon (HLTA Year 1) Mrs. B. Khokar (1:1 LSA)
Ms. S. Poore (Year 1) Mrs. Mughal (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. S. Kerai (HLTA Year 2) Mrs N. Gulled (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. L. Ive (Year 2) Miss. H. Ryder (1:1 LSA)
Mrs. J. Bhambra (HLTA Year 3) Mrs. G. Jayagoda (1:1 LSA)
Ms. E. Williams (Year 3) Miss. N. Duggan (HLTA Year 1 - Maternity)
Mrs. R. Sivakanthan (HLTA Year 4)  
Mrs. P. Bolouch (Year 4)  
Mrs. D. Vaghela (HLTA Year 5)  
Mrs. S. Ijaz (Year 5)  
Lunchtime Team
Miss. S. Poore (Supervisor)  Mrs. F. Martin
Mrs. S. Gaware Ms. S. Farren
Mrs. P. Balouch Mrs. A. Badhan
Mrs. S. Ahmed Mrs. L. Chan
Mrs. L. Ive Ms. R. Zagorskyte
Mrs. N. Gulled Miss. F. Amin
Mrs. M. Kaur  
Mrs. S. Khanom  
Mrs. K. Ram  
Administrative Staff
Mrs. R. Nair PA to the Principal & Office Manager
Miss. T. Ellwood Admissions Officer 
Mrs. R. Mustafa Admissions Officer
Mrs. P. Saini Welfare Assistant
Finance Team
Mrs. A. Edmondson Finance Manager
Mrs. B. Gattaura Finance Assistant 
Premises Team
Mr. M. Petley  
Mr. V. Bartkevicius  
Cleaning Team
Mrs. M. Sarai Mrs. A. Rani
Mrs. P. Devi Miss. J. Ryder
Mrs. S. Bala Ms K. Ellis
Mrs. V. Munoz  
Pupils and Families Support Worker
Miss. S. Dickerson