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Free school meals for Pupils in Reception to Year 6

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Special Lunch Menu on the 5th May 2022

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Message from Pabulum

Special Lunch Menu on Thursday the 23th January 2020

Paying for School Lunches
To pay for your child's school meals please click here, which will take you to the Parent Pay website.

Parent Pay - Insufficient Funds
Please see below the Federation protocol for managing parent pay accounts without adequate payment for their child/ren's meals:


  • Upon completing the register children choose their meal, at that point we are aware if children do not have adequate funds on their account.
  • The office team will then send a courtesy text to the parent/carer advising them of this and requesting payment to be made.
  • If the account is still not topped up, the attendance officer will then follow up with a courtesy phone call.
  • If there is still no payment added, the child will receive a subsidiary meal (salad cart).


Please note, it is the parents’/carers’ responsibility to ensure that there are adequate funds on their child's account. We recommend that accounts are topped up weekly/monthly to ensure that there are no shortfalls.