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Attendance and Parentpay

  1. Parents/Carers need to make sure to report their child’s absence every day. This can be done by leaving a voice message before 9:30 am or calling the school office. If the school has not heard from the parent/carer by 11:00, your child's absence will be marked as UNAUTHORISED. Unauthorised marks may lead to FINES from the Participation team. This will also affect the child's overall attendance. Further persistence absence will lead to court action.
  2. If a child is not in school for a few days, parents MUST inform the school EVERY DAY (except children who have been sent home from school to self-isolate). Parent/carers need to call on the day of absence.
  3. Voice Messages regarding Attendance : Parents need to leave a clear message with their child/ren's name, class and the reason for their absence. If a parent leaves a message and the reason for absence is unwell or not feeling well this will be unauthorised.
  4. Lunch Money Parent/Carers should top up lunch money promptly. This will avoid delay in child choosing their lunch in the morning.
  5. Moving to another school - Parent/Carer should let the school know that the child is moving to a different school and must fill in the leavers from.