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The Autism Centre of Excellence

ACE is the Autism Centre of Excellence, a Specialist Resource Provision (SRP) at Lake Farm Park Academy.  Its key aim is to assist students with Autistic spectrum disorders to access mainstream education and reach their full potential.  To achieve this we will work in a nurturing environment to make students effective communicators and help them to navigate the structure of a mainstream classroom.  The provision has places for 12 students and has some fantastic facilities; there is a fully-resourced Sensory room and Therapy room to help students manage their sensory needs as well as two specially-adapted classrooms.  Students will have lessons in the provision’s classroom to help with social skills and communication but where possible students will attend classes with their peers.  This will be achieved by ACE’s staff working to train and support all staff across the school.

Mrs. O'Neill
Vice Principal SRP & SENCO

All about ACE

ACE (Autism Centre of Excellence) is a Specialist Resource Provision (SRP) for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders at Lake Farm Park Academy.   Each student is linked to a class in the main school and are included in all class activities; we aim for students to be spending at least 80% of their day with their class. This is achieved with an individual timetable where students are attending the classes which will benefit them the most and which they are most able to learn in.  The other time will be spent working with ACE staff. During their time in ACE, students will be attending a number of interventions to help them achieve academically and socially.  This will include speech and language sessions, occupational therapy sessions, social learning and specialist academic sessions. 

We will be working closely with a speech and language therapist who will visit ACE weekly.  Together we will develop programs and interventions to help students with their communication needs.

Each child will have social and communication targets; these will be created using the SCERTS assessment process.  This means that students will be working throughout the day on the essential skills needed to be an effective communicator; this could mean greeting a peer or holding a lengthier conversation.  

We will also be working to understand emotions as many Autistic children struggle with identifying not only other people’s emotions, but their own emotions as well.  This again will be worked on throughout the day and we will be using the Transporters program.

Students will follow the same academic program as their peers when in class; our staff will modify activities to suit the student’s ability level.  Students will also complete work in the ACE classrooms; this work will be set from individual targets linked to the topics being studied by the students in their mainstream class.